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Long time no see!

All right, so obviously, I haven't logged in......since like, June or so.
I won't be active here on dA (I'm MUCH more active on tumblr: tanaka--saeko)

I will, however, pop on over to upload art I'd like to share over here (esp. Gintama OCs) once in a while.

Things that have changed since a few months ago: Lots of schoolwork, away from home, too deep in basketball anime hell, HAIKYUU SEASON 2, MUTSU WAS ANIMATED, etc.
Have a good one, everyone!


(ps. commishes still I'll try to check messages once in a while, but to contact me more quickly, head on over to tumblr)
(pps. the return time on those commishes will depend on how close to a major vacation it is lol)
it is currently 4:28am at the instance of this sentence and the green tea was, in fact, a mistake
because I'm so full of it that I cannot sleep. 
this should go well

tagged by :iconbyakuzaya100102: aaaaand I've been neglecting this so I figure it's about time to do it...
man this is long but hey why not (my answers probably won't be as long as yours)

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why?
Well seeing as I haven't written a whole ton (and I've written for maybe two or three fandoms, only?) I'd say Gintama. My OC Zenshi in his fic, Eyes of Wolves, plays with time and circumstance. Somewhat very poorly written in my opinion, but it's not half bad. I'll hit you up with a link if you REALLY want it. Apparently Zen-chan is rather popular. Ok ok tbh it's a pretty well-written story WRITING-wise, but plot-wise? I just came up with that whenever it came lmao.

I liked it because Gintama is surprisingly complex. A former samurai world settled by aliens (the Amanto) -- so then I chose one of the Amanto, the Yato and extended upon their lifestyle. But they're a small race, so then I sent Zenshi to alien school and you know what? It's fun connecting your OC to places and times and even a few people. A thing to do: find out who his cousin is. ^3^

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?
Oh boy. tbh not that many when compared to THE ONE WHO TAGGED ME IN THIS LMAO

Let's see. I'll do a quick count in my head with as many fandoms as I can remember (might be a little off, sorry)
I'll be counting the MAIN OCs that I've actually thought about more than like... twice.
Gintama: 17 (wow that's a lot more than I expected omfg)
Maid-sama: 1
KnB: 5-ish (2 main OCs, and then a few floaters I'm not sure about yet haha)
Free!: 1
Assassination Classroom: 1
Haikyuu!!: 17 (16 of them co-created and shared by THE ONE WHO TAGGED ME IN THIS LONGGGGG THINGGGG)

I can't remember if I have anymore...
Total: 49

3. How do you come up with names, both for characters and places? usually.
Okay well 16 of these OCs were named by someone else O.o (cough) soooooooooooooooooooo....

Otherwise I just think of where they're from, what suits their appearance. Like my latest OC, from KnB, is named Igarashi Mei. Igarashi because it's the last name of that rich asshole (I love him to death) from Maid-sama and she's born out of high class, and Mei because I think Mei is cute and she looks like a Mei. Which is a dilemma bc I ship her with Akashi Seijuurou, so it's like SEIMEI and WHAT THE HECK I don't even care anymore lmaooo

Zenshi was a mix of languages -- warrior in both Chinese & Japanese and look how cool he turned out sunglasses emoji

For places? HA. HAHA. I literally just make up stuff. Like Ocentisa? <-- abbreviated name for Zenshi's boarding school. TOTALLY MADE UP I looked up random galaxy names and made something official-sounding. For shame. Oh well. The actual name itself is pretty dumb lmao Ocentisa just sounds better. The planet they go THAT was random naming.

4. Tell us about one of your first stories.
Hang on, gimme 10 full seconds of silent screaming and laughter (impossible at one time WHOOPS)
Because it's Emeralds, the story of my Naruto OC Mariko and how she met (and married?) Senju Tobirama. tbh OCs x canon are my guilty pleasure. There was only one OC I gave up on shipping with a canon character, and that was Yamiya Sayuri (Gintama). I paired her with Gintoki, but eventually stopped because Gintoki is a free spirit bound only by guilt and sins and whatever he has left to keep him grounded. He's trying to find a new life with a new family and new bonds he vows to protects yadda yadda. To atone. He doesn't need Sayuri. But anyway, you see, it's because I STARTED SHIPPING HER WITH MY OTHER OC, MOMO. hella gay and hella cute and I love them to death except you know what? you know how they know Gintoki? They fought in the war together, so Momo...MOMO DIES. I'M SORRY MOMO. And then everyone thinks Sayuri dies but she flees and becomes a postal service worker, hiding her identity and.... yeah. My OCs are trash. Lmao.

But anyway back to Emeralds? TERRIBLE. NO PLOT. TERRIBLE ROMANCE. idek what's happening. Plot literally goes wherever I feel like going that day. Yet people still follow it???????? ??????? INTENSIFIES

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Your oldest?
I want to say Minami Junko (Haikyuu!!) who's the youngest Minami sibling. What is she, like 6 or 7? No idea.
Oldest...........probably Zenshi's dad lmao. He can't be more like 60, either.

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer, or good ol' pen and paper?
At my computer desk is the best. Either that, or wherever I'm supposed to be doing work. If I have to do work, it's a good time to write, and that's TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?
Usually, no. It kind of distracts me if it's not the right song for what I'm writing. But if it's super depressing like Akaashi losing his sight and needing Bokuto ahhahaHAHAHAA then I might play one of like 4 sad sad sad songs I know Spiegel im Spiegel counts, too....I'm not crying YOU'RE crying

8. What's your favorite genre to write? To read?
-looks at toes-
-laughs nervously-
I'm a sucker for cheesy romance and cliche love stories but there's one requirement: it has to be FANTASY ADVENTURE.
It has to be.
Like there are princes and princesses and stuff.
But strange romance.

9. How do you get ideas for characters? Describe the process of creating them.
45% it's the urge to pair a favorite character with someone (oops) and how I create them? Well I just try to find a look that would be compatible with my fave. Lmao. I'm a simple OC creator, what else ya got.

20% because I've got a cool idea. That's Zenshi. Haha. ZENSHI. That's it. And maybe the two Gintama OCs who DIE. Sorry, you two. I'm very sorry.

2% because sometimes my OCs need friends.

33% because I made a team with ^^^^^^^ sorry I keep writing sigmundthesorcerer and I'm tired of retyping it's 5am ok and I couldn't stop I COULDN'T STOP

How I create them? I try to draw them out, first. I've got so many scribbled designs and names with question marks next to them. SO MANY. SO MANY CROSSED OUT FACES.

10. What are some really weird situations you've written?
Alien school. What. The heck. 
Antagonists having fun together.
Ok it makes sense in the Gintama world don't look at me like that.

ALIEN PIRATE CHILDREN. ^ see above lmao

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?
Zenshi, because I squeezed a whole story out of him and you can write something cool and suave and that's probably Zenshi. He also doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's like 93% sass. Like deadpan sass. SALT.

I also really like writing Haikyuu pairings, but I suck at writing Haikyuu so HAHAHA. And all I do is make them suffer. I usually just find pretty poetry and write out headcanons/AUs.

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of world-building?
GINTAMA. ZENSHI. (that would be Eyes of Wolves, which is somehow got like 60ish chapters...but is MUCH SHORTER than Emeralds ...?!?!?!)

I mean in Emeralds, I made an entire country and culture, but with some help with some of those (are you ready) FANTASY ADVENTURE ROMANCE novels I've read lmaoooo.

With Zenshi, I took what Gintama gave me and I just FLEW INTO SPACE like LITERALLY INTO SPACE. It was fun. I made a school and a planet, each with their own heirarchies and structures. I made a resistance group, I developed an intergalactic government agency, I incorporated existing organizations into the story and plot, and I even made a new alien race. They have colorful skill and taste wear the rainbow. 

I also gave Zenshi a home.

13. What's your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?
I still really like Zenshi's story. Yato culture seems strict, power-based, mostly at the upper levels. But the best part was PIRATE CULTURE. ZENSHI IS A FRICKIN' SPACE PIRATE. Or at least he was. And now he's intergalactic law enforcement and if you don't think that's kind of badass, then have some SALT.

I got to write foreigners -- the Yato from their rainy land. My fictional planet and their desire for color and life. Ocentisa and its stupid dorms lmao. etc.

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to share?
I... don't.
I should. I don't even map out time. TERRIBLE. Especially when it comes to Zenshi's story. That's a blast. Have fun if you read it....

15. Midway – tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not?
Any of the authors of my fave iwaoi fics (lmao) and whitemiists on tumblr. She's a) a great friend and b) A GREAT WRITER HOLY COW WHOOOOO HOO. Her writing is just so enjoyable, I can't stop...

Also whoever wrote those old KHR fics that were hilarious, I love you.
Professional? I'd have to think about it. tbh Furudate -- not a writer, but mangaka is an author too. He's fantastic at storytelling. Also Sorachi because he's kind of hilariously evil but amazing with humor and with plot. What are ya doin'? He's the big cheese. 

16. Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how far are you willing to go?
I...I try. I TRY. and I'm terrible.
Mariko and Tobirama? Their relationship literally just sprung from a crack in the ice. What foundation? HAHAHA.
Zenshi and Tsukuyo was a bit better, having seen them interact for a looong time before anything happens. In fact, I think they just grow somewhat fond of one another. They play 20 Questions a lot. She also finds that he's surprisingly sassy for a man of few words and that must be really amusing. She's also a tsundere and that's hilariously cute SO. I wrote them as two people suited for the battlefield that kind of just grew close to their own kind? But then again, since I wrote it, I feel like they sprouted a relationship from concrete you should've come to Shiratorizawa where the land is fertile what

I'm terrible at nsfw go away go away go away
However I'm great at READING IT :iconeyesplz:

17. Favorite protagonist and why?
Zenshi. The answer to everything is Zenshi. Because he realizes that his relationship with his father is strained because both parties failed to accept one another, mostly Zenshi. He self reflects a lot. He finds a way to help his friends. He grows closer to them and has the classic "I will protect what is dear to me" kind of thing going. 

He's also cool, SO.

18. Favorite antagonist and why?
I....have no....idea.....

Maybe the Yato lawyer OC I made. What was his name. WHAT WAS HIS NAME. ROKUDO. IT WAS ROKUDO. I named him after Mukuro lmao. He's a lil shit ok more like BIG SHIT

19. Favorite minor character that put himself in the spotlight?
I start getting confused because we're talking about OCs but this could be about canon characters. I hope I'm not wrong.

Minami and Itsuki.
Minami was supposed to be just MEAN and then he became kind of tsundere but also an incredibly hard worker who:
-has two part-time jobs
-plays full-time as a libero on the volleyball team, and is a regular in the lineup
-is the leader of the disciplinary committee do you know how much time out of your day that takes A LOT
-supports his family income, which feeds: mom, dad, 3 sisters, and himself
-did I mention that money pays for swim lessons and gymnastics instruction?

Itsuki. oh my darling. Itsuki was supposed to be that random second-year who's happy-go-lucky and loves memes to death and he himsef is a meme.
He himself is a meme. and. that is his downfall.
-has depression
-loses the will to live
-thinks no one loves him
-thinks he has an unrequited love
-commits suicide in the end

I didn't need my heart.

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?
Comfortable conversations, cuddles (actually maybe not??? lmao I suck at cuddles) and sometimes SASS is good.

21. Do any of your characters have children?

Zenshi has a daughter, Yugao, who looks mostly like her mother. But with his hair haha. (Zenshi also has parents, Linter and Lanhua.) Some other Yatos have children but those Yato OCs DIE (well one of them does lmao)
Mariko has two children, Takeshi and Kori, the former of which has a granddaughter, Mikan. Any in-betweens were killed in one war or the other.
Risa has a son and a daughter, Al and Marija, respectively. the son's actually named after Alaude but he hates being called Alaude so he's just Al to everyone
Murasaki (Free!) supposedly has a baby but it's unnamed and its gender is unknown lol.

22. How long does it usually take to complete an entire story – from planning to writing to posting?
Either 1.254 hours or eternity.

23. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot demands it? What’s the most interesting way you’ve killed someone?
I'm weak. Destroy me.
I gave up trying to make Momo and Aimi (Gintama) live on with Sayuri. They die in the war. Momo is stabbed and dies as they try to carry her back to base, and Aimi is impaled and hung before Sayuri's eyes. She fails to bring home either of them...and feels guilty that she lived after that. She's supposed to be sad, to eke out a life in sorrow. lmao. sorry Sayuri.

and Itsuki. Why did Itsuki die. Itsuki wasn't supposed to die. Itsuki wasn't supposed to lay in bed without any desire to live, to get up, to eat, to drink. Itsuki wasn't supposed to think that everyone despised him. Itsuki wasn't supposed to use memes as an escape. Itsuki wasn't supposed to fall in love with Akiyama, only to fear a one-sided love. Itsuki wasn't supposed to say goodbye.
Itsuki wasn't supposed to die, Itsuki wasn't supposed to die, ITSUKI WASN'T SUPPOSED TO D--


24. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.
Risa has a snow leapard box weapon does this count......?
Zenshi has an alien breed wolf-dog the size of small horse with purple fur and teal paws and REALLY BLUE EYES.
Juliet (Maid-sama) has a bay (?) mare...I think.
Mariko had a horse and a cat (?)... I think...
Pls give Akiyama a dog can we give Akiyama a dog? OR A CAT. OR BOTH. Can we also give Kita a golden retriever? Because Kita is LITERALLY A GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Also, one of these fools actually needs to own a pet frog. Please. Byakuzaya100102 ....wait WHAT THERE IS AN @ APPLICATION ON DEVIANTART I'm going to throw a boat

25. Let’s talk art – do you draw your characters? Do others draw them?
A LOT! At least. I used to.
I do draw the volleyball team a a lot a lot. They're all on tumblr. tagged/hikigaeru ^3^
Zenshi needs more love.
So do Sayuri and her DEAD FRIENDS.
And also my new OC Mei, but I just ship her with Akashi so any art of that is to make me smile lol

26. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how do you go about designing your characters?
I usually try to match their appearance to their personality and/or status. Zenshi was supposed to look chill, aloof, but intimidating, and I think he fits the bill. Rokudo was supposed to look like a lil shit. He does. Mei is supposed to look chipper, somewhat mean (almost), but very classy and very clean-cut. And she does. Rich child I wish I was you. Mariko is supposed to look kawaii and I think I went overboard she's too kawaii for her own good someone throw some dirt on her lmaoooo
Ok now I must admit to you that I have TWO Meis.

Mei the alien and Mei the high school girl.

Mei the alien - Gintama - and Mei the high school girl - KnB - both have short blonde hair what the heck is this how did I not notice earlier wtf
But fortunately, they are HARDLY THE SAME PERSON :XD:

Gintama!Mei causes a ruckus wherever she can -- she's a huge tomboy and had long, straight, ORANGE hair before she cut it because she hated looking like the carbon copy of her older, more successful, and very famous sister. She will pick a fight and win it. She swears like there is no tomorrow, so please bring your own filter. She will stab a man in the eyes with her stilettos. She's slept with the young candidate for the shogun's title and climbed out his window, threatening DEATH BY HEELS if he ever tries to contact her again. Mei's love story doesn't pan out well. Good for her, because our Hitotsubashi heir is an idiot and gets PUNCHED IN THE FACE by her admiral lmaooooo.

KnB!Mei is refined, elegant, and born from high social status and a great deal of wealth. She cuts her hair only because her bullies used to pull it a lot. Naturally, it's wavy/curly-ish, and she likes to tie it back in a ponytail when she plays sports. She cuts it shorter every year until her first year at Rakuzan High, she just LOBS IT OFF and it's pretty much a pixie cut (which makes it look like her hair is straight, but it's not). By the time she enters high school, she resolves to become more powerful than her torturers, and is rather cold to anyone who dares look down at her. Inside she's real soft, I guarantee you, but she's afraid of being hurt. She becomes quick friends with the loud 2nd-year and the shy but secretly devious Saki from her own class. The first friend she makes, however, is the loud half-foreign girl Kiara who towers over her but has no qualms about shaking her hand. This Mei is the Mei discovering people and friends.

The other Mei? will wreck your shit. Whatever planet you're from.

27. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there’s nothing major, tell us about the small ones.
Yamiya Sayuri most likely has PTSD.
Hosoya Itsuki struggles with depression.
Tabs (Gintama) struggles with anxiety.

I've never tried to write Akashi, who has a dissociative identity disorder (DID) but he's my favorite from KnB and really interesting.
I have, however, written a blurb about serial killer Akaashi. haha...ha.....
I have also written a blaahh about double amputee Hinata Shouyou... just throw me out throw me out

28. Final question – tag someone. Tell us what you like about that person as a writer and/or about one of their characters.

I...hardly have...any writer friends to tag. At least, no on dA anymore....
with OCs at that, too!

Um so here's a fun fact about Zenshi: he bakes the best peach cobbler you will ever eat because his mom owns a bakery and once you eat it you die of happiness and your soul ascends to a beautiful place

the end
Bad Blood - Fukurodani Managers by Equestrian-Equine
Bad Blood - Fukurodani Managers
Now we've got problems
and I don't think we can solve'em


tumblr reblog: x

total hours worked: ~20
Bad Blood - Hana Misaki by Equestrian-Equine
Bad Blood - Hana Misaki
Now we've got problems
and I don't think we can solve'em


tumblr reblog: x

total hours worked: ~20

this is my masterpiece
Long time no see!

All right, so obviously, I haven't logged in......since like, June or so.
I won't be active here on dA (I'm MUCH more active on tumblr: tanaka--saeko)

I will, however, pop on over to upload art I'd like to share over here (esp. Gintama OCs) once in a while.

Things that have changed since a few months ago: Lots of schoolwork, away from home, too deep in basketball anime hell, HAIKYUU SEASON 2, MUTSU WAS ANIMATED, etc.
Have a good one, everyone!


(ps. commishes still I'll try to check messages once in a while, but to contact me more quickly, head on over to tumblr)
(pps. the return time on those commishes will depend on how close to a major vacation it is lol)


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